Set tree-sitter of my emacs

I noticed open Cargo.toml in my emacs didn’t show colors/highlights one day. After check the error messages, I figured out a new word that tree-sitter.


Error message shows it cannot found the libtree-sitter-xxx.dylib and it obviously make my .toml file openning with issue.

Information collection

Google is my good friends since 2010, I still believe it today. So, the first is

what is tree-sitter

Tree-sitter is a parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library.

Looks like it is the parser making tool. Then, the second question is:

why it screws up my emacs

After some search, the problem came from the emacs >= 29. After emacs 29, there is a new feature. Guess what? It is tree-sitter. But it isn’t the tree-sitter package which already hosted on elpa for a while. It calls treesit.

And the error message I got just shows that it cannot find the dylib file that should be used by treesit in emacs and created through tree-sitter.

Go fix it

Actually, fix this problem does not even need to install tree-sitter (-cli) by cargo or homebrew (I need it installed by homebrew when I compile my emacs). Just need do one from tree-sitter-module.

Then change the treesit-extra-load-path in emacs configuration to the folder stores all the result files (dist/ in the repo root is the default).

Of course, after dependencies all set, there are some issues in emacs itself.

Firstly, because I build my emacs with the treesit argvs, and every major languages treesit has ability to support has their cousins (for example python-mode has python-ts-mode), so their consins add to auto-mode-alist first as native mode. My personal configurations add them later. But when emacs search which mode it gonna use to this file, it searches like stack, find the newest one in auto-mode-alist. Which means rust-mode before the rust-ts-mode.

I tried to add those treesit modes to auto-mode-alist again to make them on the top of stack, but it cannot work. I guess the alist cannot accept the duplication entries? So I use a traditional way that add some hook to the languages’ modes.

And after all, it works. Now I use the master branch emacs with treesit features and new languages modes.

My treesit configuration is here

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Written on January 6, 2023