2023 review

Today is the last day of 2023, and I think I should review how my development has progressed this year.

As usual, I’ve kept my current projects up-to-date whenever I had new ideas. Additionally, I started some new projects too. Mostly, I learned new stuff and included those demos in my demo repository.

AI Stuff

OpenAI and its ChatGPT became a very hot topic from the end of last year to this year. I updated my telegram-bot to support ChatGPT. In November, with the release of the new model, I also began to use the function call for my bot and split it from the whole Rust app to a Rust app with an OpenAI Python agent.


In the process of updating my telegram-bot, I needed to use a database to store the data rather than just keeping it in memory. So, I learned how to use Sea-ORM with SQLite.

code-it-later-rs Stuff

As one of my long-standing projects, I continued to add new features to it. I also wrote my first emacs mode for it.

code-it-later-rs Itself

I added the JSON format output and introduced a restore command to revert the ‘crumbs’ back to standard comments.

code-it-later-rs Emacs Mode

It was a fun journey learning how to write an Emacs mode using one of the best frameworks in the Emacs community. I’ve already written a blog about it.


My favorite project this year is cl-format-rs. It started from a small idea and became a fully-fledged tool. This way, I’m able to use the Common Lisp format function in Rust (sort of).

The process of developing this tool was enjoyable because I needed to design and manage a lot of dynamic traits. I also wrote a blog about it.

Leptos Learning

Another topic I delved into this year is the Leptos framework. I always wanted to learn about WebAssembly. I’m just not really into front-end development, I guess. So this time, I started with Leptos and made a snake game for the front-end. It’s good enough for me. The Discord channel was a great help. I should continue learning it, create some WebAssembly without writing any JavaScript; that’s good for me.

AoC 2023

Last but not least, the Advent of Code 2023. I’ve also written a blog about it.


As long as I learn something new and create something, I’m happy with it. I have some ideas about what I should learn next year.

Written on December 31, 2023